London Heli Shuttle marks first SAF-fuelled flight

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London Biggin Hill Airport saw the first flight of the London Heli Shuttle - operated by Castle Air - using a 10% sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) blend.
The dedicated business aviation airport was the first in London to offer Air bp’s low carbon renewable fuel, which is produced from waste and residue products, providing a lifecycle carbon reduction of around 80% compared to the traditional jet fuel it replaces.
Robert Walters, commercial director, London Biggin Hill Airport, said: “With over two years of successful SAF integration at Biggin Hill Airport, I am thrilled we can now use SAF to power London Heli Shuttle flights destined for Battersea.
“This milestone not only enables our customers to enjoy a swift six-minute journey but also underscores our commitment to sustainable aviation practices.
“By incorporating SAF, we’re actively contributing to the industry’s broader sustainability initiatives and working towards our goal of becoming a carbon neutral airport by 2029, while enabling our customers and resident businesses to meet their own sustainability goals.”

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