Lofty ambitions

Jet fuel carbon footprints are being reduced
Jet fuel carbon footprints are being reduced
Increased investment interest is on the horizon for companies working in the renewable energy sector.
One of these long-term investment opportunities that is timely and tangible is in fuel initiatives.
One very visible growth aspect of this enormous opportunity lies within international airline flights, where regulatory moves are forcing airlines to comply with newly enacted renewable jet fuel quality standards that are intended to lower carbon footprints by 2026.
The global advanced biofuels market is expected to grow by double-digit compound annual growth rate (CAGR) over the next decade. Today, there are a limited number of advanced biofuel manufacturers.
Those already in the development phase, like Northwest Advanced Biofuels along with its Engineering Partners, are using second-generation technologies for advanced renewable energy biofuels.
Smart investors are already looking ahead to distinguish low-risk, high yield investment opportunities from high risk, low yield opportunities. Likewise, developers of these successfully structured, low-risk projects in the advanced biofuel industry are seeking “the right investors” for their...

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Jet fuel carbon footprints are being reduced