Lenovo teams up with Kuehne+Nagel to help fund SAF solutions

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Lenovo is joining forces with Kuehne+Nagel to create a first-of-its-kind logistics service in the technology industry.
Through a purchase add-on, customers will be able to buy credits to reduce the carbon footprint associated with the shipping of IT equipment and devices.
They will have the opportunity to use these credits to fund the use of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).

SAF is currently the most effective measure to significantly reduce the environmental footprint of air freight, which is the fastest but one of the most carbon heavy modes of transport.
Through this service, a specific amount of litres of SAF provided by Kuehne+Nagel will be assigned to a purchased device.

“Lenovo is constantly looking at new ways to fulfil our 2050 net-zero vision, and embed sustainability deeper into the technology value chain, from improving efficiency of our products to the use of sustainable materials. This also extends to supporting our customers in their carbon reduction journeys and this collaboration with Kuehne+Nagel is a key example. With freight transportation accounting for about eight percent of global greenhouse gas emissions1, being able to choose lower carbon delivery options for their IT equipment will go a long way in helping them minimize their carbon footprint,” said Claudia Contreras, executive director of global sustainability services at Lenovo.

“This innovative approach we have forged with Kuehne+Nagel continues our commitment to delivering sustainable products and solutions. At the same time, we continue to explore, deploy, and champion all opportunities to reduce emissions generated through handling, storage, and transportation of our products,” said Gareth Davies, head of global logistics, Lenovo.

To help businesses cut their environmental impact and meet their own sustainability goals, Lenovo is enhancing its suite of sustainability services.

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