Legislative odyssey for the EU biofuels sector

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Angel Alvarez Alberdi, the secretary general, EWABA, a leading biofuel industry figure discusses the opportunities and challenges for the year ahead.
He said: "If there was ever a perfect regulatory storm for the biofuels sector, this is it. This year the industry at large will face different waves of entwined new laws of essential importance for the sector.
"Take a deep breath. First, around March, the European Commission will put forward its ReFuelEU and FuelEU proposals, stemming from the recent Strategy for a Sustainable and Smart Mobility and focusing, respectively, on the promotion of sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) and renewable fuels in the maritime sector.
Shortly thereafter, in June, just as the European Parliament and Council of the EU get their act together to start the legislative procedures on the SAF and maritime proposals, we will witness a highly unusual triple regulatory conjunction.
June is the deadline for several key implementing and delegated acts of the revised Renewable Energy Directive (REDII) further developing and fine-tuning provisions on crucial policies for biofuels, such as the inclusion of new feedstocks in Annex IX,...

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