Latest renewable fuel data for UK released by DfT

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According to the latest UK figures from the Department for Transport renewable fuels made up 5% of the country’s transport fuel mix.
This new data compared with 5.9% over the same period 12 months ago.
According the new statistics, a total of 1.44 billion litres of renewable fuels were supplied in the country between 1 January and 20 September.
The fuels achieved an average of 85% greenhouse gas (GHG) savings when compared with fossil fuel use, but this falls to 82% when accounting for indirect land use change, according to the DfT statistics.
The figures showed that biodiesel comprised of 63% and bioethanol accounted for 25% of market share. The rest was made up of biomethane.
Waste feedstocks made up 81% of all verified renewable fuel so far this year. Waste feedstocks have been used more in biodiesel production (100%) than in bioethanol production (24%).
The majority (62%) of all verified renewable fuel was produced from used cooking oil (UCO), which is used in several different types of renewable fuel. UCO comprised 93% of biodiesel.
For bioethanol, the most common feedstock was corn (70%). Corn-based bioethanol comprised 17% of total renewable fuel.
Of the 36 million litres of verified renewable fuel produced from UK origin feedstock, the most common by feedstock and fuel type was biodiesel from used cooking oil (16.5 million litres, 45% of renewable fuel from UK origin feedstock).
The most common source of bioethanol from UK origin feedstock was sugar beet betaine residue (8.5 million litres, 23% of renewable fuel from UK origin feedstock).
UK origin feedstocks made up 6% of verified renewable fuel supplied to the UK so far this year. The top 5 feedstock origin countries together account for 58% of renewable fuel.
Of the renewable fuel supplied so far in 2021, the most widely reported source for biodiesel supplied to the UK (by feedstock and country of origin) was used cooking oil from China (168 million litres, 28% of renewable fuel supplied, 44% of total biodiesel supplied).
The most widely reported source for bioethanol supplied to the UK (by feedstock and country of origin) was corn from Ukraine (51 million litres, 8% of renewable fuel supplied, 34% of total bioethanol supplied).
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