Larger sunflower seed harvest from Ukraine

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The International Grains Council (IGC), according to its latest information, said global production of sunflower seed will probably amount to 56.1 million tonnes in 2023/24.
The IGC has lowered its previous month's forecast by 300,000 tonnes. The previous year's output was exceeded by only 2.6%.
The downward adjustment was mainly due to a prospective smaller crop in the EU-27.
The sunflower seed harvest in the Union, the world's third most important supplier, was expected to reach around 10.3 million tonnes, which is 100,000 tonnes less than projected in August.
Nevertheless, the previous year's figure will presumably be exceeded by 12.4%.
The harvest area in Ukraine is seen to have been expanded significantly this year. Due to favourable growing conditions, yields are expected to increase on 2022.
The IGC projects production to reach 15.3 million tonnes. This translates to an 8.9% rise on the past year.
In Russia, where harvesting commenced at the end of September, output of sunflower seed is expected to remain at the previous year's level of 16.4 million tonnes. In other words, the previous month's forecast remained unchanged.

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