Lallemand’s biofuels division surpasses ethanol production milestone

Credit: Elite Octane
Credit: Elite Octane

Lallemand Biofuels & Distilled Spirits (LBDS), part of Lallemand, has announced that the company’s TransFerm platform has surpassed over 25 billion gallons of ethanol production.

The TransFerm platform comprises yeast strains that produce glucoamylase within fermentation, which reduces the need to purchase exogenous commercial enzymes, as well as reducing glycerol production, which increases ethanol yield.

The milestone was celebrated at Elite Octane’s Grand Opening, with president and CEO Nick Bowdish commenting: “Lallemand yeast products are incredible and the ingenuity that they bring to the fuel ethanol industry makes us more competitive with other liquid transportation fuels.

“Partnering with LBDS has truly allowed us to push our yield numbers to higher than they have ever been before and we are extremely happy with the TransFerm technology and what it has done for our facility.”

LBDS president Angus Ballard added: “LBDS has always been at the forefront in bringing leading technologies to the marketplace. We are very proud of this milestone and will continue to develop these types of value creating products that make ethanol production increasingly efficient.

“We are proud to be working with producers such as Elite Octane to help them achieve even higher yields and efficiencies than ever thought possible.”

Credit: Elite Octane