Lafarge Canada partners with 4Refuel for R50 renewable diesel

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Lafarge Canada has begun a partnership with 4Refuel for the supply of renewable diesel in Canada.
Lafarge’s GVA aggregate, ready-mix, asphalt and construction sites have introduced the use of R50 across its diesel equipment fleet.
The standard diesel used in GVA prior to the switch was B5, diesel that contains 5% biodiesel and 95% petro-diesel.
“Reduction of fleet emissions is part of our larger advancement towards sustainable and profitable development in our operations across Canada, and a significant strategy in our journey to net-zero," said Lincoln Kyne, vice president and general manager, British Columbia and US Pacific Northwest, Lafarge Canada. “As industry drives towards sustainable solutions, we know the importance it will be for the government to incentivize business, like a carbon tax reduction to help offset the increased costs to use renewable fuels.”
The switch from standard B5 to R50 renewable diesel will reduce approximately 36% or 1,300 tonnes of CO2 equivalent, on a lifecycle basis, by the end of the year.
Lafarge has projected a 5,000 tonnes CO2e annual reduction if the switch to R50 is made for all of 2023.
“We welcome Lafarge as a top-tier industrial customer to receive our R50 renewable diesel solution,” added Lauren Foulkes, director of sustainability, 4Refuel.
“As a leader in mobile diesel fuel delivery, we are excited to partner with Lafarge, an industry leader in providing building materials and innovative and sustainable building solutions. Further, we are delivering the fuel using R50 in our own fleet helping further decarbonise the transportation industry, while reducing our customers’ Scope 3 emissions.”

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