Korea considers using biofuels

Korean motorists may be using more eco-friendly fuels in their cars in just a few years’ time.

The introduction of a Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) system, which would mandate the use of a mixture of biofuels and petrol in vehicles, is currently under consideration.

The government will review its plans and if everything works out the RFS system could be implemented as early as 2013.

The RFS system would see the minimum proportion of biodiesel fuel contained in petrol grow. Currently petrol in Korea only contains 1.5% of vegetable oil or animal fat-based diesel fuel.

If successful the move would be a breakthrough for the use of renewable energy in Korea. When a pilot scheme was launched in 2002, to ensure that petrol contained 20% biodiesel fuel, it was met by strong opposition from refiners and carmakers regarding its quality.

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