KLM further expands approach for sustainable aviation fuel

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KLM will start adding 0.5% sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) for flights departing from Amsterdam.
In addition, KLM will offer its customers the option of purchasing an extra amount of sustainable fuel. Through this KLM aims to stimulate the market for SAF.
The CO2 emissions of SAF that KLM currently purchases are at least 75% lower than those of fossil kerosene.
By increasing demand, KLM hopes to further develop the market for SAF so that supply is scaled up and sustainable fuel ultimately becomes cheaper.
France has introduced a compulsory SAF admixture percentage. Within Europe, there is a proposal to achieve a compulsory SAF proportion of 2% by 2025 for all flights within and from Europe.
KLM and its partners in the Clean Skies for Tomorrow coalition previously announced that it is their ambition to achieve a worldwide SAF proportion of 10% in 2030.
The 0.5% SAF proportion will supplement the SAF that is already being blended for customers who have joined KLM’s Corporate and Cargo SAF programmes. A surcharge for the additional SAF will be added to the ticket price.
This means KLM passengers will automatically contribute to the purchase of sustainable fuel. The surcharge will vary from €1 to €12 per ticket, depending on the distance flown and the seat booked (economy or business). KLM will use this contribution to finance a standard 0.5% SAF admixture on all flights from Amsterdam.