Jet Zero Australia and Apeiron partner on SAF production

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Apeiron AgroCommodities, one of the largest used cooking oil collectors in Asia, and Jet Zero Australia have partnered on a project under a proposed 50:50 joint venture.
This partnership’s aim is developing low carbon intensity feedstocks in Australia to help meet the demand for renewable fuels, including the sourcing of waste oils and production of non-edible crops for Hydrotreated Esters and Fatty Acids (HEFA) for sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) production.
Under the proposed joint venture, Apeiron is expected to lend its experience and knowledge in waste-based feedstock collection while Jet Zero Australia will focus on domestic investment in non-edible crop processing and refining. Both companies will contribute capital to the partnership.
Jet Zero Australia’s CEO Ed Mason: “It is extremely exciting to be partnering with Apeiron Bioenergy, a company who has established itself to become a leader in renewable fuels in our region.
“Furthermore, we are honoured to be one of the first recipients of grant funds under the Australian and Singapore Government’s Go-Green Co-Innovation Program as announced at the Australia-Singapore Annual Leaders’ Meeting. We thank both governments for this support and we continue to believe Australia has the building blocks to become a global powerhouse in renewable fuel production, with the use of non-edible crops and other agricultural by-products.”
Apeiron Bioenergy’s co-founder Chris Chen: “We are excited to embark on this strategic partnership with Jet Zero Australia, a collaboration that aligns perfectly with Apeiron Bioenergy's mission to drive the transition towards more sustainable energy sources.
“Being awarded the grant under the Go-Green Co-Innovation Program is a testament to our shared commitment with Jet Zero Australia towards advancing the development of sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) by leveraging our expertise to set up a robust waste collection system and establishing feedstock security for SAF production.
“This initiative strengthens the bridge between Australia and Singapore in the green sector, and we extend our gratitude to both governments for their support.”

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