Investing in clean fuels technology

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Any review of business or technical development across Asia, whatever the subject, will almost inevitably highlight the region’s enormous potential. Looking at the way ahead for biofuels is certainly no exception, especially now.
India’s leadership of the Global Biofuel Alliance, launched during the G20 summit in New Delhi at the beginning of September, heads the current list of Asia’s major energy initiatives with its involvement of Singapore, Bangladesh and the UAE, alongside Italy, USA, Brazil, Argentina and Mauritius.
Rising international commitment to the development of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) also has particular Asia potential when viewed alongside the fact that Asia-Pacific airlines achieved a 283.1% increase in traffic during the 12 months to March 2023. That was a growth rate of more than four times the level secured by the world’s next fastest growing market.
Growing market
Japan’s granting of full access to its fuel ethanol market earlier this year for US-sourced ethanol is also seen as a significant step forward for the country and for the increased freedom whereby ethanol can be traded internationally....

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