Industry leaders: Green recovery of air transport sector a priority

Despite the current crisis facing the global aviation industry, its commitment to pursuing sustainability remains strong, particularly as the sector starts to recover.
Speaking at the Global Sustainable Aviation Forum, industry leaders reiterated that long-term climate action should be a priority alongside economic recovery in the coming years.
Executive director of the cross-industry Air Transport Action Group, Michael Gill said: “Air transport is in the midst of the deepest shock in its history.
“We expect a reduction of up to 4.8 million jobs in the sector by the end of the year and a massive hit to our ability to connect the world.
“However, as we plan for the recovery of air connectivity, we also must prioritise our environmental progress.
“Our sector has a long-term climate change goal to cut CO2 emissions in half by 2050. With the right help from governments, the energy sector and technologists, we expect that global aviation will be able to hit net zero emissions a decade or so later.
“Some parts of the world will be able to meet this point earlier and a number of individual companies have already set goals along...

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