IKEA Finland to reduce carbon footprint using Neste’s renewable diesel

IKEA Finland has partnered with Neste to reduce the carbon footprint of home deliveries by using Neste’s MY Renewable Diesel.

Since 2019, the furniture giant has been introducing the renewable diesel to its home delivery vehicles in the Helsinki capital region, as well as around the town of Raisio in southwestern Finland. Neste’s cleaner burning fuel is already used for around 25,000 home deliveries in the capital regions every year, as well as for 6,500 deliveries in the Turku region.

Using renewable diesel, IKEA Finland will reduce its carbon footprint by up to 90% over the fuel’s lifecycle when compared to fossil-based diesel. The use of this fuel is part of IKEA’s broader sustainability strategy, which has the ultimate goal of emission-free deliveries by 2025.

”We want to lead the way of sustainability also in the field of logistics,” explained Tiina Suvanto, sustainability manager of IKEA Finland. “In addition to renewable fuels, home deliveries with trucks that use biogas and electricity are part of our steps towards climate positivity. Consumers also want a lower carbon footprint from their home deliveries, as well as more environmentally friendly packaging materials ‒ we want to provide this service to our customers.”

”In order to achieve Finland’s target for carbon neutrality by 2035, all solutions are needed,” added Joni Pihlström, vice-president of B2B sales at Neste. “Reducing road transportation emissions is key for achieving the goal, and for example, logistics companies play an important role in reducing their own carbon footprint. By choosing Neste MY Renewable Diesel, produced from entirely renewable raw materials IKEA is able to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions. The use of renewable diesel also demonstrates IKEA Finland being a forerunner in value-based choices.”

Neste’s MY Renewable Diesel is currently available in 53 light-duty traffic stations and 19 heavy-duty traffic stations in Finland. Throughout Finland, one in five diesel drivers already choose the biofuel at stations where it is available, rising to 30% of diesel drivers in the Helsinki region.

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