IGC sees global rapeseed area for 2023 harvest marginally down on last year

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Rapeseed growing areas in the EU-27 and Ukraine are set to increase while areas in India, China and Australia are expected to decline.

In its first estimate of the global rapeseed area for the 2023/24 marketing season, the International Grains Council (IGC) projected an area of 40.2 million hectares.
The estimate is 1.5% below the current season's record area and would be the second largest rapeseed area ever.
It would significantly exceed the long-term average.
However, rapeseed production in India, China and Australia is expected to decrease, according to Agrarmarkt Informations-Gesellschaft.
The Canadian rapeseed area is set to remain unchanged from the previous year at 8.6 million hectares.

According to the estimates, the EU-27 rapeseed acreage for the 2023/24 marketing season was expanded to 6 million hectares. This would be up 1.7% on the previous year's area.
In particular, France and Germany (1.2 million hectares) saw an increase in their rapeseed areas.
At the end of December, the condition of most winter crops was considered to be good. According to surveys conducted among producers, the UK rapeseed area has also expanded significantly, by 14%, compared to the previous year.

In Ukraine, the area planted for rapeseed is expected to expand 8.3% to 1.3 million hectares, whereas the Grain Council sees Russia's area unchanged from the previous year at 2.3 million hectares.

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