ICE FLEX membrane technology to meet shifting demands

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Whitefox’s CEO Gillian Harrison has outlined how its ICE FLEX membrane technology could help companies negotiate shifting demands for some products and help to hit the world’s net zero targets by 2050.
“One of the impressive things we have seen is how quickly some technologies have leapt forward more than five years in their natural evolution, in particular in the digital space,” she said, “and we have seen some of this in the biotech space too.
All companies have seen how important agility and flexibility is to survival and that the most flexible companies have adapted and seized opportunities to grow their businesses.
“Another theme which has now become a rallying cry across the world is “NetZero by 2050.” So not only do companies need to build in flexibility into their DNA, but they must also have a robust business plan with a heavy focus on emissions reduction.”
Harrison said that a theme discussed with most of its customers ever since the pandemic took hold back in 2020 has been how Whitefox can help producers to efficiently produce different grades of ethanol, especially for hand sanitiser use. “I think there is a lot we...

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