HudsonAlpha joins team to study potential biofuels

A switchgrass field
A switchgrass field
Several research groups at HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology are passionate about producing crops that can be used as fuel to create clean and sustainable energy.
And now with the help of a newly awarded Department of Energy (DOE) grant, they can move one step closer to this goal.
The grant is part of a DOE project that will provide $68 million (€57 million) in funding over five years for basic research aimed at making more productive and resilient crops that can be used to produce fuel, called biofuel.
Material from these crops can be harvested and converted into liquid biofuels for use in transportation, or as energy for heat and electricity. Biofuel represents an important alternative to fossil fuels because it is a renewable, sustainable, and carbon neutral source.
Faculty Investigator Jeremy Schmutz of HudsonAlpha is a member of a team of researchers from across the US that have been working together for more than a decade to...

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A switchgrass field