How elemental analysis can help address rising biomass fuel demand

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As we enter a new decade, the world’s energy sector stands at a crossroads in its efforts to improve the sustainability of its supply. The case for greener, cleaner alternatives to fossil fuels was made many years ago, but the growing calls for significant action on climate change have pushed this issue to the forefront of the industry’s strategy for 2020 and beyond.

The increased focus on finding more environmentally friendly fuel sources is likely to result in an acceleration of the rise in demand for biofuels and biomass energy sources, continuing a trend seen over the last few years. If the potential of biofuels is harnessed correctly, this will be a hugely positive development for the sector and for the planet as a whole – but it will also require significant effort on the part of manufacturers to ramp up their biomass fuel output accordingly, without undermining the quality or sustainability of their production processes.

As such, the coming years are likely to see a renewed focus on quality assurance and testing methodologies – such as elemental analysis – that can help the biofuels industry to maximise its productivity in order to be...

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