How CPM works to improve biofuel feedstock processing efficiency

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It takes a lot of inputs to convert a raw material into a usable biofuel. It requires specialised expertise, precision equipment, the correct materials and well-executed processes.
However, often, from a cost-perspective, the most significant expense in the process of converting raw materials to biofuel is energy.
That is why, at CPM, we have focused on developing products, solutions and expertise that can help our customers improve the efficiency of their biofuel production processes.

CPM’s role in biofuel production

CPM’s global brands touch biofuel production in many ways. Through its Crown brand, the company is one of the industry leaders in oilseed extraction technologies since the late 1800s, and it provides equipment and expertise to oilseed-based biofuel production facilities today.
Its automation capabilities improve these processes' automated efficiency.
Additionally, its legacy CPM brand provides equipment, services and expertise for the shredding, crushing, grinding, briquetting and pelletising processes that are essential to creating many biofuels.


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