High-quality end products for SAF production

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Pretreatment of fat-based feedstock plays a crucial role in ensuring efficient and reliable biofuel production, regardless of whether the end product is biodiesel, renewable diesel (RD), or sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).
Considering the significant impact of raw material costs on production expenses and the evolving legislation favouring the use of waste oils and fats in biofuel production, the RD and SAF markets predominantly emphasise the utilisation of these resources.
This requires more complex pretreatment processes to meet stringent quality requirements.
At the technological forefront of feedstock pretreatment is BDI-BioEnergy International, the Austrian-based international provider of waste-based biodiesel plant construction.
BDI’s Advanced PreTreatment process is a result of over 25 years of experience and expertise in waste oil and fat processing.
With this technology, biofuel producers are able to process a diverse array of low-quality feedstock into high-quality end products.
The process
The BDI Advanced PreTreatment process is a versatile and modular system designed to accommodate both fresh...

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