Herm becomes first Channel Island to rely entirely on biofuel

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Herm has become the first Channel Island to commit to running completely on biofuel, ITV reported.
It is hoped that introducing it more widely across the island could help ease rising fuel prices and the carbon footprint of islanders.
Herm's ferry has been running on renewable biofuel since 2021, and the success of the move has inspired the island to convert all vehicles, boilers and generators to run on renewable fuel sources.
Callum Page, assistant technical manager of Herm Island, said: "The island wants to move forward, everywhere is going green.
"We've got that moral obligation but at the moment with the diesel prices rising it makes financial sense as well.
"It's a very good time to do it - we want to cut our carbon emissions and get higher efficiencies on all of our technology across the island."
Currently, Herm burns 400,000 litres of fuel every year, so by switching to a more sustainable alternative, it is hoped the the island can reduce its greenhouse gas emissions.
Environmental campaigners say the Channel Islands should embrace this fuel and become a world leader in the use of greener fuel options.
Although Herm does not have cars on its roads, it does rely on a fleet of work vehicles - which if converted to use biofuel, could lead to the island becoming the first carbon-neutral island in the British Isles.
Craig Senior, chief executive of Herm Island, said: "We're just starting this process, but we're excited with the steps that we are taking and we're hoping by the end of this year, the island will be using 50% bio-renewable fuel by the end of September.
"By the end of this financial year in March 2023, we'll be using 100% renewable fuel. They are big targets to aim for but it's exciting that we've got that plan."

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