Grand designs

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All companies are looking for ways to improve sustainability within their operations. For refineries, this often includes an investment in processing bio-based feedstocks.
Other enterprises, including agricultural-based and venture capital-backed companies are also looking to contribute to a lower carbon future and are joining in the race to build bio-based fuels plants. This is a large investment for everyone.
These plants should be built to last and with technologies allowing for the most energy efficient, safe, reliable, and profitable operations.
Due to the limited supply and variable pricing of bio-based feedstocks, these plants need to be designed with flexibility in mind to process a variety of bio-feedstocks in the future.
At the same time, continuous improvement of the carbon intensity (CI) score, used to measure all greenhouse gas emissions associated with the production, distribution, and consumption of green fuels, is a continuous operating objective for many producers.
The CI score can be improved by feedstock selection but also by utilising digital transformation, measurement and control technologies to reduce emissions and improve...

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