‘Governor’s plan to eliminate internal combustion engine hurts California’s progress towards carbon neutrality’

The San Francisco skyline
The San Francisco skyline
California Governor Gavin Newsom signed an order banning all in-state sales of fossil-fueled vehicles by 2035 to help meet the state’s zero-carbon goals.
Tyson Keever, chair of the California Advanced Biofuels Alliance, released a statement regarding Governor Newsom’s plan to eliminate the internal combustion engine.
“We understand what Governor Newsom is trying to achieve and laud the move to a low-carbon transportation future, but an electric-only future is not a science-based solution," said Keever. "The California Air Resources Board (CARB) has a proven, technology driven, market-based solution right in front of them in the form of the Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) programme. Through biodiesel, renewable diesel, and numerous other home-grown sources, the programme reduced 14.6 million tons of carbon emissions in 2019 alone, with room for diverse growth well into the future."
He added: “Biodiesel and renewable diesel can reduce carbon today and help move the state away from petroleum. In fact, biodiesel and renewable diesel alone have displaced over 3.3 billion gallons of petroleum diesel since the LCFS programme began in 2011. This announcement only harms our industry that has proven time and time again to be at the focal point of the success of the LCFS.
“Our members pride ourselves on being at the forefront of climate change policies and believe we need a diverse portfolio of energy solutions to tackle the threat of climate change. As California temperatures continue to rise, we need viable solutions today. We need to embrace all carbon-reducing fuels and not pick winners and losers.”
“We have the answer. California’s successful LCFS programme is the thoughtful, proven solution to achieving carbon neutrality and California’s climate goals.”
The San Francisco skyline