GoodFuels: ‘Looking ahead to a better year’

The CEO of GoodFuels has outlined how the company will be “building back from COVID-19” in the 12 months ahead with “sustainability in its sights”.
He said: “In 2020, many experts predicted that decarbonisation efforts would be delayed, suspended or entirely abandoned as the entire shipping sector faced one of its biggest challenges in history – the coronavirus outbreak.
“At a time when University College London’s University Maritime Advisory Services(UMAS) estimated that$1.4 trillion (€1.17 trillion)of investment in land infrastructure, vessel and fuel technological advancements is needed to decarbonise shipping between 2030 and2050, a new, unexpected and unavoidable situation rightly took attention away from sustainability goals. “Now almost one year on from the outbreak ofCOVID-19, and with half an eye now being trained on the future once again, we start to see shifts and changes in the way societies and businesses approach their environmental ambitions. “Last year, the industry adjusted rather well to the implementation of the International Maritime Organisation’s (IMO) global Sulphur Cap, which requires vessels to burn fuel with a...

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