Good rapeseed harvest puts pressure on prices

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Rapeseed spot prices have come under growing seasonal pressure due to increasing supply from the running harvest.
In some regions, yields for wheat and rapeseed were good, steadying the downward slide of producer prices.
At the same time, low water surcharges and rail transport made delivery to the oil mills more expensive.

Uncertainties about Ukraine's shipping potential, the "weather market" in North America and the ongoing harvests in Europe led to strong fluctuations at the futures exchanges.
According to Agrarmarkt Informations-Gesellschaft, the unexpectedly good rapeseed output provided scope for downward movements in price.
After market participants had anticipated sharp declines in yield due to the continuing drought and heat, achieved yields have previously been a positive surprise.
According to the latest figures, French farmers harvested between 30 and 55 decitonnes of rapeseed per hectare from their fields. As a result, market participants were cautiously positive about rapeseed supply in the current crop year.
In Germany, the rapeseed harvest was also progressing. Yields were good to very good at 35 to 45 decitonnes per hectare with up to 5.5% moisture content.
Producer prices were lowered once again in Germany in calendar week 30. They averaged €610.50 per tonne, which was down €39.20 per tonne week on week. Prices reported by the individual German states ranged from €555 to €675 per tonne.

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