Gevo’s strategic alliance with Axens

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Gevo is a technology development and commercialisation company focused on largescale deployment of net-zero renewable hydrocarbon fuels, chemicals and nutritional products.
Using a combination of proprietary biological and chemical transformations and a strategic alliance with Axens, the company plans to offer the technological know-how and systems design for a wide range of products while decarbonising the entire business system.
Gevo has been at it since 2007 and has developed an extensive portfolio of intellectual property, critical know-how and engineering designs. It believes these pathways provide the lowest cost, most sustainable, scalable, and operable routes to replace traditional petroleum products on the market today.
At the heart of its processes, Gevo converts carbohydrates from waste and residues into alcohols.
These alcohols, including ethanol and isobutanol, will be produced at large scale through natural fermentation.
Bio-based carbon dioxide liberated in the process can be concentrated and further utilised or sequestered. Gevo converts the alcohols to renewable olefins – core building blocks for fuels and chemicals.
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