Gevo earns RSB sustainability certification for corn feedstock

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Renewable transportation fuels producer Gevo has received certification from the Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials (RSB) for its sourcing of sustainable corn at is facility in Luverne, Minnesota in the US.

The certification additionally covers Gevo’s production of intermediate feedstock isobutanol at the Luverne plant. RSB certification demonstrates that Gevo’s production is sequestering carbon in soil, meeting limits on the use of chemicals in the production of the bio-based feedstock, respecting water, land and labour rights, and ensuring food security.

“Gevo’s RSB certification is a great moment for the bioeconomy as it demonstrates that key components of jet fuel can be produced in a way that not only dramatically reduces greenhouse gas emissions but also ensures real positive social and environmental impacts,” commented Rolf Hogan, executive director at RSB.

“Their innovative agricultural techniques show that with a commitment to real sustainability via RSB certification, farmers can be empowered to take a leading role in the development of a zero carbon economy and Gevo’s recognition of the importance of using the strongest and most credible sustainability standard globally continues to help position them as an industry leader.”

Operating as Agri-Energy, Gevo’s production process in Luverne produces around 10 pounds of protein for the food chain for every gallon of jet fuel and gasoline produced. The company also employs regenerative agricultural techniques, including precision application of fertilisers and low-till or low-till cultivation by farmers producing the corn, which reduces the use of chemicals and builds soil carbon.

The latest RSB certification complements Gevo’s existing ISCC Plus certification from the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification.