Getting shipshape with biofuels

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Global warming, like the sword of Damocles, is the ever-present threat ready to destroy our everyday lives.
The intensity and the frequency of natural disasters could catastrophically change our way of life at any moment.
The rush to prevent natural disasters is growing exponentially and new “renewables” companies are emerging like tulips in the spring.
In the last few months, the US saw the formation of hundreds of new companies focusing on the prevention of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) and more than it did in the past several years combined.
The market is quickly becoming oversaturated with new companies that have little-to-no experience in the renewable space.
The “renewable rush” is incentivised by the Biden Administration’s promise to fund the fight to reduce global emissions, with a big reward for the winner (if there is one).
The pressure is high, as if the world had only recently discovered that refineries played a big part in GHG emissions.
With this “new” discovery old ideas have become the forefront of this fight to save the earth. Governments worldwide are adding new GHG restrictions to...

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