Germany ranked third among EU biodiesel exporters

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Germany delivered around 9% more biodiesel (FAME) to other EU member states in the first nine months of the 2023 calendar year than in the same period in 2022, according to EUROSTAT figures.
With intra-community exports amounting to 1.6 million tonnes, Germany ranked third among the biggest biodiesel exporters of the European Union.
The Netherlands is in first place with 3.1 million tonnes of FAME (-9% compared to the previous year) and Belgium is in second place with 1.8 million tonnes (-5%).
The Netherlands is the main market for exports from Germany, as the country acts as the central hub for trade within the EU and with non-EU countries.
Not only did the Netherlands receive by far the largest tonnage – 742,000 tonnes – but it also took around 34% more than in the period January until September 2022. It is followed by Belgium and Poland.
Whereas Poland increased its imports 18% to 227,000 tonnes, Belgium reduced its imports around 32% to 349,000 tonnes. Exports to Austria saw the biggest rise with shipments tripling to 72,000 tonnes.
France, in turn, doubled its imports on the previous year to 73,000 tonnes.
German exports of UCOME, biodiesel made from used cooking oil, rose markedly in the period from the first to the third quarter of 2023.
At 228,000 tonnes, Germany delivered around 17 per cent more to other EU member states than in the same period 2022.
Again, the Netherlands was the largest recipient country, taking 182,000 tonnes – a 9% rise year-on-year – followed by Belgium with 25,000 tonnes and a 43% increase.
In contrast, during the same period German UCOME purchases from other EU member states dropped 19% to 199,000 tonnes year-on-year. Although the Netherlands delivered the lion's share of 128,000 tonnes, this was still down 7% on the same period a year earlier.

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