German rapeseed imports unchanged from previous year

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Imports of Australian rapeseed to the German market have increased markedly while the pace of Canadian arrivals has slowed down since January.
According to information published by the German Federal Statistical Office, Germany purchased around 3.7 million tonnes of rapeseed in the period from July 2022 to February this year.
Despite a significantly larger domestic harvest, this was almost the same amount as in the same period a year earlier.
Australia provided around 777,730 tonnes, which was nearly twice the previous year’s amount.
Deliveries from Canada rose less sharply, because they did not start until September. They increased 11% on the year-earlier period to around 47,000 tonnes, with the pace of imports slowing down significantly recently.
Imports from Ukraine grew 8% to 638,800 tonnes despite the challenges and dangers associated with the war.
Agrarmarkt Informations-Gesellschaft has pointed out that this volume stills falls short of the long-term average of 730,500 tonnes.
Deliveries from Poland surged around 23% to 307,700 tonnes. This was due to a 14% harvest increase and, above all, the enormous volumes of Ukrainian rapeseed stored in Polish warehouses.
In the period from July 2022 to April 2023, Poland received around 1.42 million tonnes of rapeseed from its neighbouring country, close to ten times the previous year's volume (of 160,000 tonnes).
At 232,600 tonnes, Romania delivered just under 26% less due to an 18% harvest decline. Based on a 36% rapeseed harvest increase, France expanded its share in German rapeseed imports exceptionally strongly. The country delivered around 601,000 tonnes, exactly one third more than in the year-earlier period.

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