German rapeseed exports hit record volumes

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German rapeseed meal exports have reached a record level.
In the period July 2020 to May this year, exports were up 17% on the previous year and larger than ever before.
Over that period, Germany exported just less than 2 million tonnes of rapeseed meal.
According to information published by the German Federal Statistical Office, this was up approximately 17% year-on-year and the largest tonnage on record.
Most of this, just less than 1.9 million tonnes, remained in the European Union. The Netherlands was the largest recipient, taking 950,000 tonnes (up 25%), followed by Spain which received 282,000 tonnes (up 29%).
Finland held third place, despite a decline of 12%to 141,000 tonnes. Exports to France increased marginally to 139,000 tonnes.
Switzerland was once more a key recipient outside the European Union with imports remaining virtually unchanged at 38,500 tonnes. The old EU partner Great Britain is a new addition to the list of non-EU recipients.
The country doubled its imports in the period stated to just less than 45,000 tonnes. According to Agrarmarkt Informations-Gesellschaft (mbH), exports of rapeseed meal exceeded those of soybean meal in 2020/21 for the first time since 2015/16, namely by 12%.