German EU presidency ‘must set course for future-proof biofuel sector’

Angela Merkel on stage
Angela Merkel on stage
The German Federal Government’s six month presidency of the Council of the European Union began on 1 July.
As a goal of its agenda, the Federal Government stated that it wishes to “work towards climate-friendly, sustainable and affordable mobility”.
The biofuel associations welcome this objective and point out that openness to technological ideas and the sustainably available potential of biofuels need to be considered in order to fulfil national climate protection targets.
Despite all efforts, the transport sector has made virtually no contribution to climate protection as yet in Germany.
Both higher power to weight ratios in the vehicle fleet as well as an increase in goods transport by road have cancelled out technological efficiency gains and greenhouse gas savings.
Defossilisation of the transport sector poses a central challenge not least in respect to overall economic significance.
Yet time is running out for climate protection as measured by the greenhouse gas budget, which is still in place globally in order to ensure compliance with the 1.5°C target.
The “Green Deal” thus envisages an increase in the...

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Angela Merkel on stage