German bioethanol production increases alongside higher sales of Super E10

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The German Bioethanol Industry Association (BDBe) has published its market data for the production and consumption of certified sustainable bioethanol in 2022.
Domestic bioethanol production increased slightly compared to the previous year and amounted to more than 715,000 tonnes in 2022. Sales of Super E10 rose steeply, the report highlighted.
In a fuel market that continued to rebound in 2022, with sales of 17 million tonnes of petrol, a figure roughly 3.5% higher than in the previous year (2021: 16.5 million tonnes), bioethanol consumption also increased slightly. The amount of ethanol and ethyl tertiary butyl ether (ETBE), which is produced from ethanol and used as a fuel additive in Super E10, Super Plus and Super E5, increased by 2.9% to just under 1.19 million tonnes last year (2021: 1.15 million tonnes).
Around 131,000 tonnes of bioethanol were used for ETBE production, which is equivalent to 16.6% less than in 2021 (nearly 157,000 tonnes).
At the same time, admixtures of bioethanol to petrol increased significantly and amounted to 1.05 million tonnes (+ 6% compared to the previous year). The amount of bioethanol used for fuel purposes remained unchanged at 6.6% by volume.
There was a considerable increase in sales of Super E10 - its market share increased markedly from 17.2% in 2021 to almost 24% in 2022.
The absolute sales volume of Super E10 was over 4 million tonnes (+42.9%). This figure was 2.8 million tonnes the previous year.
At 12.2 million tonnes in 2022, Super E5 achieved a market share of nearly 72.0%. In the previous year, the 12.7 million tonnes of Super E5 sold represented a market share of 77.2%.
Super Plus had a market share of 4.5% in 2022, well below the previous year’s level of 5.6% (-163,000 tonnes).
Despite volatile energy and raw material prices, German bioethanol producers increased their production slightly last year by 2.0% to over 715,000 tonnes (2021: 701,000 tonnes). Read the market report at http://www.bdbe.de/daten/marktdaten-deutschland

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