Fuelling the SAF initiative

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Established in 1973, Avfuel Corporation has grown from a regional fuel supplier in the US to a global supplier of aviation fuel and services.
Today, Avfuel holds a 23% market share of fuel-supplier branded fixed base operators (FBOs) in the country and touches one in every three US business flights.
The company serves more than 650 branded FBOs across North America and Europe and serves more than 5,500 flight department customers, representing 20,000 turbine aircraft, with fuel supply at more than 3,000 global locations. The company’s growth over nearly 50 years can be attributed to more than 30 strategic acquisitions, internal sales growth and key marketing alliances.
But ask any Avfuel employee and they will attribute the company’s success to building relationships, listening to needs and adapting to an ever-changing market.
With the infrastructure, human power and right mindset in place, it was only natural that Avfuel would lead the charge in one of aviation’s newest initiatives: sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). Supporting industry development is important to Avfuel, which is why it created Avfuel Technology Initiatives Corporation.
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