Fuelling change – a new era of energy begins

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The world stands at a pivotal crossroads in its energy journey. December’s ground-breaking agreement at COP28 in Dubai marked a historic commitment to start moving away from fossil fuels, setting the stage for an intensified focus on renewable energy sources.
Biofuels, particularly sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), are emerging as key players in this transition.
This year, the industry is set to see a major evolution in the role and application of biofuels, underpinned by technological breakthroughs, progressive policies, and a unified global push towards cleaner energy.
As biofuels gear up to lead the discussions at COP29, they are not just alternative energy sources anymore – they are key drivers in our sustainable energy future.

Increasing global consensus

The surge in biofuel adoption is primarily driven by the global consensus on climate action reaffirmed by COP28, which marked the ‘beginning of the end’ of the fossil fuel era, emphasising a swift and equitable transition to renewable energy sources, including biofuels.
COP28’s outcomes highlight the urgent need to cut global greenhouse gas...

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