Frontier land

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Cassidy Walter, the Iowa Renewable Fuels Association’s communications director, outlines the role the organisation is playing in promoting biofuels while fending off the challenge from electric vehicle promoters.

For such a small state, Iowa is used to leading in many ways. Iowa is ranked the number one state for opportunity by the US News and World Report and is home to the ‘first in the nation’ Iowa Caucuses. Who can forget all the commodities the state leads in producing from corn, eggs, and pork to – of course – biofuels.

Iowa is the epicentre of national debate when it comes to biofuels, producing more ethanol and biodiesel than any other state. As the country’s attention turns to addressing climate change and reducing carbon emissions, Iowa is once again ready to lead.

Leading US producer

Decision-makers on the east and west coasts have so far controlled the US conversation on its energy future and have tried to tip the scale in favour of an electric vehicle solution.

Their ideal vision is an all-electric future, with that electricity coming from...

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