Forging alliances in North America

Greater co-operation is needed
Greater co-operation is needed
With global markets frozen amid the turmoil and uncertainty fueled by COVID-19, elected officials around the world face rising pressure to keep local industries open for businesses.
Unfortunately, that pressure does not always translate into wise decisions on the trade front, where protectionist policies can quickly derail decades of work towards free, fair trade.
For the entire US agricultural sector, including biofuel producers, that tension is playing out now with high stakes battles over access to markets in China and Brazil.
A wrong move could undercut painstaking progress toward agreements that offer long-term mutual benefits for consumers and producers on both ends.
Strengthening relationships
In these uncertain times, it is more important than ever that we continue to strengthen our relationships with our most valuable trading partners. That is why Growth Energy and its industry allies have been working closely with its counterparts in Canada to ensure that the
nation’s progress toward a new Clean Fuel Standard (CFS) provides a wealth of opportunities to harness the full environmental benefits of low-carbon...

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Greater co-operation is needed