‘Fit for 55’ and its impact on the biofuels industry

The name ‘Fit for 55’ may have many people scratching their heads – is it an exercise programme, or maybe a breakfast cereal? – but in EU circles it is already part of the common language – shorthand for a sweeping set of proposals to remake the legislative landscape for energy and climate policy.
For the EU biofuels industry, the new proposals – including major changes to policies on renewable energy, alternative fuels infrastructure, the Emissions Trading System and energy taxation, as well as a de facto deadline for the end of the internal combustion engine – promise a potentially bumpy road ahead as the implications become clear. But one thing should be clear to policymakers as they fine-tune this legislation in the coming months: unleashing the true potential of cropbased ethanol and creating a policy environment that can spark investment in advanced ethanol are must-have components of any realistic roadmap to carbon-neutrality.
Crop-based biofuels are an immediate, cost-effective and socially inclusive tool to reduce the emissions of existing and future light and heavy-duty vehicles, and their use should not be limited to transport modes that...

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