Fincoenergies supplies Teso with biofuel from Goodfuels

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Ferry service provider TESO is significantly boosting its sustainability efforts by transitioning to GoodFuels' sustainable biofuel.
The successful first delivery to the ferry, Ms. Dokter Wagemaker marks a new chapter in the longstanding successful partnership between FincoEnergies and the Texel ferry service.
TESO (Koninklijke N.V. Texels Eigen Stoomboot Onderneming) sails through the Wadden Sea area daily.
The Wadden Sea is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a beautiful natural area, but also fragile.
Marc Bakker, head of technical services at TESO, said: "Every year, we aim to take another step forward in reducing our ecological footprint. It's embedded in our company policy.
“Working with FincoEnergies, we explored possibilities to make our diesel fuel more sustainable. Adding sustainable biofuels, in this case HVO, is a significant step toward reducing CO2 emissions."
The next generation of sustainable biofuel offered by FincoEnergies' GoodFuels brand is derived from feedstocks certified as 100% waste and residues, such as animal and vegetable waste fats or used cooking oil.
Bakker added: "The costs of this biofuel are higher than diesel, but TESO, as the organisation responsible for the ferry connection since 1907, looks at it with a long-term vision. In doing so, our core values are central.
“TESO is not profit-oriented but aims to provide passengers with a safe, reliable, and sustainable crossing. The decision to switch to biofuel aligns with those values."
Jeroen van Essen, general manager at FincoEnergies, said: "The Wadden Sea is a stunning natural environment, but also vulnerable. That's why transitioning from traditional fuels to GoodFuels biofuel is essential.”

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