Figures for UK renewable fuel released

Over the UK’s Department of Transport has released figures regarding the country’s use of renewable fuel between April 2012 and January.

It states 965 million litres of renewable fuel were supplied during that period, of which 66% have proven to be sustainable, and 18% of that was sourced directly from UK feedstocks.

The breakdown of the 965 million litres was: 55% bioethanol, 39% biodiesel (FAME), 6% spread between biomethanol and methyl tertiary butyl ether (MTBE). More than half the biodiesel used in the UK was made from cooking oil, while 49% of bioethanol was made from corn from the US.

The use of biofuels issued with Renewable Transport Fuel certificates achieved an average greenhouse gas saving of 68%, excluding emissions from indirect land use.

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