Evofuel signs agreement for castor optimisation in Brazil

Evofuel, a wholly owned subsidiary of crop development company Evogene, has signed a collaboration agreement with Insolo Agroindustrial.

Under the agreement, both companies will select and optimise Evofuel's proprietary castor bean varieties utilising Insolo's farms in Piaui state in northeast Brazil.

The two-year collaboration will see the companies examine the suitability and adaptability of growing Evofuel's castor varieties as a second crop solution for Insolo farms located in Cerrado – one of the fastest developing agricultural regions in Brazil. They will jointly evaluate the economic and agronomic benefits of growing Evofuel's castor seed varieties in this area, selecting the best performing varieties, and developing the agronomic know-how to integrate castor into Insolo's production system.

Evofuel focuses on the development of castor bean seeds for industrial use and production of oil feedstock suitable for the growing biofuel market. Utilising the unique characteristics of castor's high oil content and ability to withstand relatively harsh conditions, it will grow castor as a second crop solution, particularly in semi-arid regions such as northeast Brazil.

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