European coalition calls for consistency in defining alternative fuels

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A broad coalition of vehicle manufacturers and alternative fuel producers has called for consistency in defining alternative fuels that will drive the energy transition towards Europe’s Green Deal.

In a new declaration, the coalition has called on the European Commission to take a technology-neutral approach in its upcoming review of the Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Directive.

The European Union’s (EU) long-term energy transition goals depend not just on developing new technologies but also on alternative fuel solutions that already reduce harmful emissions.

As the EU reframes important environment and energy legislation under the European Green Deal, it should not abandon clean, proven and cost-effective solutions such as sustainable renewable fuels and liquefied petroleum gas.

“It is imperative that all alternative fuels play a role in the energy transition,” the coalition said. “While it is important to set long-term objectives, Europe should not dismiss solutions that are already available, cost-effective, commercially viable and that positively contribute to the energy transition.”

The coalition is urging the European Commission to maintain its current definition of alternative fuels in the upcoming review of the Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Directive, guaranteeing consistent policymaking and a stable investment environment.

Alternative-fuelled vehicles currently represent a small but growing percentage of the EU’s fleet. However, as greenhouse gas emissions from road transport continue to rise, the EU needs to improve its mobilisation of solutions that have already been proven, in addition to supporting market development for new technologies and related infrastructure.

In taking a practical approach, the EU must promote cleaner-burning fuels that are already commercially viable and competitively prices, that deliver immediate benefits, and that do not require drastic or expensive changes to infrastructure or powertrain technologies.

The coalition includes the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association, Liquid Gas Europe, ePURE, the European Biodiesel Board and UPEI, which represents European independent fuel suppliers.