Esso launches 25% renewable diesel fuel at selected forecourts

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Esso has launched a limited trial of its new Esso Supreme 25% renewable diesel in the south-east of the UK.
Available for customers to purchase at 20 Esso retail sites, the fuel is the first of its kind to be sold on retail sites in the country. The new fuel is suitable for use in all diesel engines compatible with B7 fuel.
Esso Supreme 25% Renewable Diesel is made with a minimum of 25% premium renewable hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO) derived from RTFO compliant wastes and residues – used cooking oil.
The fuel has 15% lower life cycle greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) than our regular Synergy Diesel, meaning that for every 50 litres of Esso Supreme 25% Renewable Diesel used, there is on average a 25kg saving in lifecycle GHG emissions..
The average UK diesel car driver travels 9,400 miles per year. If they were to switch to Esso Supreme 25% Renewable Diesel, the annual saving in lifecycle GHG emissions would be equivalent to the emissions associated with fuelling that vehicle for two round trips from London to Edinburgh (approximately 1,410 miles).
Patrick Rutherford, Esso UK retail sales manager, said: “At Esso, we are developing high-quality biofuels that have less environmental impact than conventional fuels.
“We’re excited to be bringing the Esso Supreme 25% Renewable Diesel trial to UK drivers. It has all the great advantages that our customers have come to expect from high quality Esso fuels, but with the added benefit of being an immediate, lower carbon intensive choice.”
The fuel is now available at 20 Esso retail sites including London, Brighton and Essex. A full list of all the participating sites can be found on the Esso website: www.esso.co.uk/en-gb/find-station.

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