Embraer partnership stimulates SAF production

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Embraer and Raízen have signed a letter of intent with a commitment to stimulate the development of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).
Embraer will become the first aircraft manufacturer to use SAF that distributed by Raízen.
This initiative benefits the air transport industry worldwide, and the use of this technology is a fundamental part of Embraer's strategy to neutralise the carbon footprint of its operations by 2040 as more than 60% of emissions in the company's operations (scope 1) arise from the use of aviation fuel in tests and production flights.
“SAF plays a key role in reducing aviation emissions in the short and medium term. Therefore, this agreement aims to stimulate the growth and sustainability of the value chain as a whole,” said Carlos Alberto Griner, vice president of people, ESG and communications at Embraer.
“ESG is one of the pillars of our strategic plan and we are looking at every opportunity to accelerate the reduction of our carbon emissions.”
“As an integrated energy company, Raízen has challenging goals as we intend to expand the offer renewable energy and fuel sources to the market by 80% and make this increase as efficient as possible in our production process to help produce the impact on our customers,” said Antonio Cardoso, vice president of marketing and services at Raízen.
“As the largest sugarcane ethanol producer in the world, it is only natural that we are looking at a possible supply of SAF. This partnership with Embraer, a global reference, reinforces the sustainability agenda and expansion of the company's portfolio.”
The expectation is that Raízen will help Embraer reach the goal of having SAF blends representing 100% of its fuel consumption in Brazil by 2030.

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