Eight steps to retrofit success

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As a customer-driven and market-focused technology provider in the field of biodiesel, Austrian company BDI has carried out more than 30 retrofit projects worldwide.
In terms of plant operation and installation, BDI understands retrofitting to be the improvement and optimisation of existing biodiesel installations, for example, with regard to feedstock flexibility, increase of production capacity and product quality, safety upgrades and other important needs of its customers.
Retrofit projects
The first example dealt with a successful de-bottlenecking of an existing production plant.
Although only a small project, this example revealed that sometimes simple new solutions can be found.
The design capacity of the plant had been exceeded on some occasions, but further increases were prevented by a single machine, thanks to the high level of expertise and experience of the plant staff.
An upgrade to a bigger machine would have been too large an investment. During a plant inspection by BDI experts, the media streams leading to that machine were thoroughly evaluated.
It was discovered that by rerouting one particular media stream to...

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