EBB pushing to fast-track countervailing duties on Argentinian biodiesel

The European Biodiesel Board (EBB) is preparing to launch an anti-subsidy case against Argentinean biodiesel imports, following the recent decision by the European Union to substantially lower anti-dumping duties for the country.

According to a statement, the move comes in response to EBB’s growing concerns about the impact the reduction in anti-dumping duties is having on the EU biodiesel market. EBB argues that a fast-track imposition of high level countervailing duties is necessary to prevent an influx of products from Argentina.

The recently revised anti-dumping duties on Argentinian biodiesel imports range from 43,18 to 79,56 euros/tonne – significantly lower than they were previously. This has led to a massive increase in exports from Argentina to the European markets.

With Argentinian producers able to sell biodiesel at a price lower than the cost of the raw materials in the EU, EBB warns that the EU biodiesel industry and other economic activities connected to the production of the fuel are likely to suffer.

“This is a legitimate fight to protect the EU biodiesel market - and the 120,000 jobs it supports - from a heavily subsidised export-oriented industry,” said Raffaello Garofalo, EBB’s Secretary General.

“We are prepared to do whatever it takes to limit the recurring Argentinian biodiesel imports. An EBB anti-subsidy complaint will be presented imminently. In our view, it is essential that the registration of all incoming imports from Argentina starts as soon as possible and that a provisional duty is urgently established by EU Trade Defence authorities.”

According to its statement, the EBB is working to raise awareness among delegates of member states of the urgency of the situation, with evidence suggesting Europe’s biodiesel market started suffering within days of the duties being lowered. 

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