E15 testing carried out in California

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Further research is under way to look into expanding E15 ethanol use in California.
Tests will be carried out to determine what long-term use in California will bring and if west coast ethanol will be US corn-based or Brazilian sugarcane-based ethanol.
Sugarcane-based ethanol has an advantage as it generates more carbon credits than corn-based ethanol under California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard.
Tom Gillis, who sits on the Wisconsin Corn Promotion Board and the National Corn Growers Ethanol Action Group, said: “There is a test going on in California, and it’s run through the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and they are checking emissions tests to move to an E15-based biofuels additive and we’re checking cars that go back as much as ten-plus years old.”
Gillis said the tests would assist California to develop E15 emissions standards, which can improve ethanol consumption in that state.
He added: “Getting to a higher blend rate in California would be very beneficial to increased usage of corn biofuels and of course, address the climate issues.”
Governor Gavin Newsome issued an executive order that all new vehicles sold in California have zero emissions by 2035.