Driving investment into biofuels

Green biofuel drums ready for export
Green biofuel drums ready for export
Moving away from the traditional fossil fuel paradigm that powers global transportation is a slow and incremental process.
Achieving this transition over the next decade requires the coordination of many things.
Consistent technology development, innovation, and a progressive replacement of conventional fuels with renewable alternatives are all needed as we phase towards a more environmentally conscious future.
Biofuels are a major component of this transition, but by some estimates production and consumption still needs to triple by 2030 for major global sustainability goals to be met. Demand and supply both need to increase, and fast.
But how can this transition be most effectively facilitated and accelerated? The key lies with standardisation.
Development is lagging
According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), the world’s use of biofuels for transportation is not on a sufficient trajectory to meet the energy related Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set for 2030.
For most economic regions of the globe, their contribution to achieving this target is still well out of reach. Without considerable action...

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Green biofuel drums ready for export