Doubling capacity

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GIDARA Energy recently announced its next Advanced Methanol facility in Rotterdam. Advanced Methanol Rotterdam (AMR) will convert non-recyclable waste, which is currently incinerated or landfilled, to advanced biofuels. The renewable fuel will replace fossil fuels, creating significant carbon savings. The Port of Rotterdam Authority has provided a unique site location in the port for this facility.
Last year, GIDARA Energy announced Advanced Methanol Amsterdam, a state-of-the-art renewable fuels facility that will serve as a blueprint for AMR. The company plans to double its production capacity by building an identical facility in Europe’s largest port. The two facilities will be identical, utilizing GIDARA’s patented High-Temperature Winkler (HTW®) technology, which converts non-recyclable waste to renewable fuels. This technology has been used commercially in four other waste to clean syngas production facilities.
Biofuels International spoke to Wim van der Zande, CEO of GIDARA Energy, about GIDARA’s role in the energy transition and the future of advanced biofuels.

Why did you choose to produce advanced methanol?

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