Developing the market place for renewable fuels

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Pat Gruber, CEO of Gevo, has expressed his views to Biofuels International about what the next 12 months will bring.
He said: “We appear to be in the midst of a great ‘awakening’. We can do something about GHGs, reduce them, and not break the bank while doing it. “The great issue is that roughly 73% of GHG emissions come from energy. It turns out that roughly 16% are due to transportation.
“The emissions come from burning, one way or another, coal, natural gas and oil.
“Add to this the estimates that there are about one billion people in the world without electricity. We will continue, on a macro basis, to need more and more energy, but we had better make it green.
“We need renewable energy, and it needs to be readily accessible, easily adopted, and we need it all sooner rather than later.
“The good news is that technology and the thinking about ‘what is sustainable’ has improved, as well as how to measure it and track it.
“The renewable energy is a mix of photosynthetic, wind, biogas, renewable natural gas, electricity from biomass, and hydrogen.
“The liquids that Gevo makes come from recycled carbon,...

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